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Fuck Yeah Asa Butterfield!

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Fan tumblr dedicated to Asa Butterfield.

ivannadg Asked: "How old is he now?"



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Anonymous Asked: "When is X+Y coming out? And where can I watch it? <3 your blog btw xx"


Hey! So, I don’t know and haven’t found nothing about the release date! :/

But you can always take a look  here for more informations! 

Thanks <3

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Anonymous Asked: "is it possible to watch asa's full interview from The late show with David Letterman? If so, where? x"


Hmmmm, I dunno. But if a find I’ll post here!

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Anonymous Asked: "asa has girlfriend?"


As far I know, no.

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vomito-de-ideas Asked: "I really love your tumblr and i hope you still be good, kiss from Chile <3"


Thank you! It made my day!

And I’m sorry for being far away from this blog lately, but I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaally busy with my studies :/

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