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Asa Butterfield and Ansel Elgort
Asa Butterfield and Ansel Elgort
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(via fuckyeahasabutterfield)

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Anonymous Asked: "I live in England, so when can I watch it? x"


I really don’t know about it… Try to google it :/

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Anonymous Asked: "When and where exactly can I watch X+Y?"


… Good question? 

It depends of where you live.

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yourasaposts Asked: "Hey there.👋 I made an Asa edits account on vine😄 I basically make Asa Butterfield edits. Follow me? Username- ButterfieldEdits Thanks ✌️✌️x"


Don’t have a Vine account, but if anyone here wants… Follow her!

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ivannadg Asked: "How old is he now?"



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Anonymous Asked: "When is X+Y coming out? And where can I watch it? <3 your blog btw xx"


Hey! So, I don’t know and haven’t found nothing about the release date! :/

But you can always take a look  here for more informations! 

Thanks <3

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Anonymous Asked: "is it possible to watch asa's full interview from The late show with David Letterman? If so, where? x"


Hmmmm, I dunno. But if a find I’ll post here!

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